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Nuty Na Akordeon Chomik

My corner of paradise (work in progress) For my special assistant

Se aspettavo di finirlo del tutto faceva in tempo a passare un anno, per cui, anche se incompleto, oggi vi mostro il bagno di famiglia (si so called in British homes) at present! Photobucket
It 's my little corner of paradise, because believe me, immersing myself in the bathtub with the candles lit and watch every detail that dazed look with care and love we have tried, installed, constructed, painted, decorated and a really good feeling.
We say that the "big" and the "dirty work" (painting furniture and accessories, various holes on the walls etc..) Has been done and now is missing the best job, or decoration ... Not too much to tell the truth, even if the instinct is to fill every corner, in fact I believe that less is better, so I'm going to overload this nn bath, which already in itself 'is piccino e bello pieno di mobili!

If I waited to completely finish the decoration you would have probably waited another year to see it, so here I am, showing to you the Family Bathroom at the current condition!
It's small corner of paradise, because, believe me if I tell you that soaking in the bath staring at all the little things we bought, built, chose, decorated with love and devotion is just an amazing feeling.
The big and the "dirty" (painting cabinets, and stuff, drilling holes, hanging stuff..) part of decoration is completed. Now it's the time for the fun part, the decoration of the small details. But honestly I do not want to overload this bathroom too much, it's Already quite compact and full of furniture, and I am a fan of "less is better"!

Obviously as you can see, the window is still missing a curtain that will very soon. I think I will do the same striped cloth with which I covered the cabinet on the left.
The towel hanging on the wall and the rabbit-net you see below were created by my carpenter about my project (the second was the inspiration of this wonderful ) and I then thought of decorating and dipingerli di bianco panna.

Il cestino stupendo che vedete sul mobiletto é un regalo della mia amica Fiore, andrá assolutamente riempito con pupazzi tilda di spugna! Conigli? Agnello? Paperelle? si vedrá!

As you can see the curtain on the window is still missing, I will provide asap, I will probably use the same striped fabric I used for the curtain of the cabinet. The wall shelf for the towels and the wall cabinets with the chicken wire are handmade by our carpenter following my design and project (the second one has been inspired by t
his gorgeous one)
, I then decorated and painted them in ivory.
The lovely basket on top of the cabinet is a gift from my friend Flower, and I am thinking of filling it with tilda Some figures made in towel fabric. A bunny? A lamb? Some ducks? we will see!
The wall with the network is still completely empty. I have not decided what to fill it. Towels Stock? Lanterns? Bottles? boh .. Will in any case for the more decorative, transparent doors for obvious reasons! Fortunately there is enough space in the two base units (the one under the sink and the one with the curtain) to hide all the junk and the thousand things that are needed in the bathroom, but they are not strictly "estetiche"!


The wall cabinet with the chickenwire is still completely empty. I am not sure yet what to put inside. Some spare towels? Some lanterns? Some vintage bottles? I don't know.. Anyway, for obvious reasons, it will only be a decorative piece of furniture! Luckily we have plenty of space in the two cupboards where I can put and "hide" all the things that are necessary in a bathroom, but are not really pretty at all!


Obviously I want to hang kinf Some of decoration on the wall, if it's Com Completely blank it scares me:) I think I will make a fabric panel, maybe with a frame . I do not like classic drawings / paintings, I prefer handmade panels with a mix of materials, maybe natural, and a lot of fabric, and maybe a 3D effect as well, But I would like a delicate rustic effect. Like in the rest of the bathroom.

I know it sounds immaculate, but in reality is in part due to the fact that we use much less of the ensuite (where I have all the need for hair, makeup etc.. cmq always strictly hidden from view) and part is due precisely to the simple trick to hide as much as possible the things inside closed doors / baskets / containers, etc..! This way you can leave with a view to only what we like best and make the bathroom an environment, not only relevant but also and above all a beautiful and relaxing.

That I know it looks immaculate, But The Truth Is That Because We Partly this is two much less use it That Our ensuite (where I have all my stuff for hair and makeup, always hidden in cupboards, anyway) and Partly Because, as I SAID, I think the ideal, if possible, is to hide away all the stuff That is useful but not attractive, and keep only the pretty things out. Because the bathroom Does not need to be only a "utility" room, but Also a lovely place where to relax.

I wish you good we (here cold, wind and gray ... what a beautiful perspective ....)!


I Leave You Wishing you a fabulous we (here We have wind, cold and gray clouds .. not so nice ...)!


various information:
floors laminate aqua step Uniclic
tap: a variety of sources, from Internet

mobile sink + B & Q (DIY English for instance) now discontinued
mobile white Ikea Hensvik model, now discontinued
Wall-mounted towel: designed by me, created by our carpenter
wall cabinet doors with net rabbits drawn on the inspiration of this
, created by our carpenter
mirror ebay, but it was dark wood and I redecorated
white baskets: Ikea
accessories: various sources mostly local

Various informations:
Flooring Aqua Step Laminate Uniclic by
taps etc: internet, Various shops
basin and cupboard: B & Q (discontinued)
cabinet: Hensvik from Ikea (discontinued)
wall shelf for towels: designed by me, handmade by Our carpenter
wall cabinets with chickenwire: inspired by this
, handmade by Our carpenter
mirror: from ebay, It Was Dark wood, I painted in ivory white
baskets: Ikea
accessories: various sources, mostly local shops

ps just a quick note to let you know the little things of old fans like me to retrieve, store, process, taking .... who was born a new blog of my dearest friend luuuuuunga date, dani (known online as Mrs. Sage Green) along with his friend Francesca and is called

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fateci un giro, é una specie di mercatino online, pieno di cose deliziose in vendita e tanto altro! secondo me ne vale la pena .. ci sono tesori che aspettano solo che qualcuno li adotti e regali loro una nuova vita!


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